What are the Tips for Weight Loss and How it will Work?

Ah, the battle of the bulge, the eternal war between the love of food and the desire to put on skinny jeans at work. So we are not distracted let’s keep it simple by observing three principles in discussing weight loss:

  • First, the human body is a machine that inputs food and outputs energy in the form of movement;
  • Second, the body is powered by calories, if it takes in more calories than it uses the excess calories will be stored as fat; and
  • Fat is an excellent energy source and storage format. A pound of fat can be metabolized into 3500 calories more than what the average human body needs in a day.

A Carb-Negative Lifestyle: Work It!

With these three principles in mind let’s look at the two major schools of thought for weight loss: increase activity to burn more calories, and reduce calorie intake.What are the Tips for Weight Loss and How it will Work?
Increasing activity seems like the obvious answer the multi-billion dollar fitness industry is, for the most part, built around gyms and fitness programs designed to get people moving. Motion creates emotion but also calorie consumption! If you exercise enough, you can burn the calories that are causing your belly to bulge.
The problem with increased activity is that, unless you are a high-performance athlete or a major gym rat who follows a very heavy workout program, you will struggle to burn 1000 calories per work out session. In other words, you will need 4 sessions to burn even just 1 pound of fat, and that’s assuming you don’t compensate for going to the gym by overeating.
Another problem is that if a person is obese or sedentary chances are they are at risk of injuring themselves by doing even just the basic workouts. Also, they need careful training before they can get any meaningful burn from their workouts.

You Can’t Outrun a Fork

The alternative to going to the gym to burn off the fat is to reduce input. They say you can’t outrun a fork. This is a tragic truth, even seemingly small meals have a pretty steep cost in terms of calories, that quarter pounder? 510 calories, that can of Coke? 140 calories! Never mind that steak dinner or two-piece meal at KFC.
So you can see the problem. Even a reasonably fit person can expect to burn about 300 calories during an intense weightlifting session. In other words, a super-sized BigMac meal would need 3 hours at the gym to get rid of the calories.
In other words, for meaningful weight-loss, you would need to reduce your food intake. Unfortunately, food consumption is habitual. A lot of us want to drink soda with our fast food, and this compounds the problem.
It takes intense discipline to reform our eating habits. Even when we feel deprived and miserable because we are eating less than we used to. Worse, if we are reducing our eating enough to see quick results chances are we are REALLY depriving ourselves. If we moderate our reduction, we won’t see results anytime soon, and we will feel disappointed and abandon our diet.

A Smarter Way to Beat the Fork

A smart way to reduce calorie intake is to consume white kidney beans. White kidney beans benefit the body because they block starch and other carb-heavy items from being absorbed by the body.
Do carb blockers work? Yes, they do because they engage the digestive enzymes that would otherwise consume starch or other carb-rich foods. The food just passes through the body, and then it goes out without adding their carbs to the body.
In this way, we can get more carb reduction for less reduction in food consumption. The principle is not that different from eating carb-negative food except that instead of replacing the food that we eat we are just eating the same food but that less of the carbs will be consumed by the body.
The intended result is that we can still benefit from the reduction in calories, and hopefully weight-loss, without creating the feeling of deprivation which is what causes diets to fail. At worst the deprivation won’t be strong enough vis-a-vis the results which the person will have as he starts to lose weight.

A Weight-Loss Trinity is Recommended

Do carb blockers work? of course, they do. White kidney beans benefit the body by reducing the number of carbs we absorb so here’s what I call my weight-loss trinity for those who want to cut down on the flab.

  • Exercise: Even 30 minutes of brisk walking will help, gym or proper work out is better. But you have to start modestly to avoid injury.
  • Cut the obvious offenders: Soda, Sugary Drinks, and Sweets probably should go

Consume White Kidney beans or foods supplements containing them to maximize the reduction in carb consumption of the body.