Identify Misleading Diet Myths – Debunked by Dietitians

Keto – Many Diet Myths surround the growing program. For example, do not drink ice water if you do not want to belly bulge or not to nap too much so that the body is stretched.
But the view that one actually makes your diet program is not going well. What are the myths that can trap us?

Diet Myths: Do not eat after 20:00

Theories are circulating, eating at night can make the body fat. Because the body burns calories during the day and at night, the body stores calories and convert it into fat. But that’s not true.

“Your body burns calories at any time, morning, noon or night,” said Mary Flynn, Ph.D., researchers from the Miriam Hospital, Providence diet.

So, do not miss your dinner. If you are not desperate for dinner, you cannot sleep or wake in the middle of the night in a state of stomach growling. You still can have dinner at the top eight in the evening, provided that select low-calorie menu. If within the next hour you’re going to sleep, do not snack or eat foods that are high in calories such as ice cream, cake, and so on. After dinner, you should not directly go to bed. Do activities that burn calories.

Diet Myths: Pasta makes you fat

Many women avoid this typical Italian food. But not forever be a culprit melarnya paste your weight. Occasionally eating pasta is not a great sin. Provided that appropriate boundary is eaten.Diet myths 1
Pasta is a carbohydrate source. In theory, if you eat carbohydrate foods, your body will convert it into sugars, which are then stored by the body into fat. Healthy Eating the recommended amounts of carbohydrates will not make you fat. To be avoided is excess calories, which can be found in carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

“Try to start changing the extra pasta into the material, not the main ingredient in cooking,” said Mark Bittman, author of How to Cook Everything Vegetarian.

When processing a paste, made of vegetables as main ingredients in large portions. When cooked vegetable salad with tomato pasta sauce, add small portions of your favorite pasta. You can also choose a specific type of pasta that uses whole-grain ingredients that contain fewer carbohydrates and more fiber.

Diet Myths: Drinking coffee helps you lose weight

The reason, coffee can kill the appetite and increase metabolism. In fact, coffee can indeed resist the urge to eat instant, but not enough to help you lose weight. Too much coffee can actually carry a variety of health problems. Eg difficulty sleeping, anxiety and excessive tension, and increases blood pressure.
Many people say that great Diet myth that we should drink 2-3 cups of your favorite coffee every day. But make sure you do not add other ingredients that can add weight. Eg sugar, milk, and whipped cream.

Do you believe with all Diet Myths?diet myths 2

Some Mistakes that Often Occurred in Your Diet, Here are 9 diet mistakes that often occur in people who are undergoing a diet program.

  • Reducing the food portions.
  • Missed breakfast.
  • Breakfast with the wrong menu.
  • Hunger.
  • Eat only 1x a day.
  • Less water consumption in a day.
  • Taking the pill/drugs / herbal dietary improvements without a better diet.
  • Lack of movement activities/sports.

Diet method that is not appropriate and effective. Many methods of diet that does not touch the root of the problem which only gives instant results. Did you already implement your diet properly? Now please compare this diet mistakes with what you have to do every day.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., a psychiatrist from the University of Pennsylvania and author of The Beck Diet Solution to say try to change your mindset.

If you always think of someone who is overweight, now think if you have a skinny body and have to eat healthily.
Healthy food such as fruit and vegetables, as well as set a balanced diet. Then while reducing weight, focus on the target numbers that are not too large.
For example, targeting could lose two pounds in two weeks, do not need to target a high rate. Focus on lowering the target range in these figures.
If you’ve reached the target figures do not obsess to celebrate by eating foods high in fat or careless no longer exercise.
Cultivate in yourself if you want a healthy slimmer and more energetic still have to be disciplined in dietary patterns that have been undertaken.
When the diet is not going well, do not rush to give up. Starting was from the beginning and do not leave the diet program in the middle with no results.
Do not just rely on a diet but also exercise. Because the diet without exercise will be futile.

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