What are the best home remedies for tooth infection?

Remedies for tooth infection
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A tooth infection must be treated at the earliest else it can grow further and cause health risks to the whole body. The infection that develops inside the tooth can easily reach different parts of the body and cause trouble. Tooth infection is generally the result of bacteria that enter when the tooth is decaying, broken or chipped for any reason. The bacteria can lead to pus accumulating in the tooth and causing swelling and toothache. In the worst case, the infection could even reach the bone and gums of the mouth. You however can rely on some home remedies to minimize the discomfort that tooth infection generally causes. But yes, always consult top dentist middle village for treating a tooth abscess.    

Here are some of the home remedies for treating tooth infection –

1. Saltwater Rinse

If you have an abscessed tooth, rinsing the mouth with salt water can be an easy option for getting some relief. This remedy is also lead to healthy gums and people also trust it for wound healing. The use is very easy where you first have to prepare a solution of normal salt with warm water and then do the rinsing. While rinsing, the goal should be to swish the solution inside the mouth for two minutes and then spit the water out. There are no side effects of this procedure and you can do it thrice a day as well.  

2. Baking soda

People have long been using baking soda for treating various oral health concerns. It is still used a lot for treating tooth infections. Plus, the antibacterial properties of baking soda also make it excellent for fighting off plaque in the mouth and helping maintain better oral health. To use the remedy, you first have to prepare a solution by mixing some baking soda and salt with water. You should then swish the mixture in the mouth for five minutes and then spit it out. Doing it twice a day can help relieve some of the discomforts of tooth infection.

3. Fenugreek Tea

Fenugreek has long been used for its anti-bacterial properties. It has been a favourite with people as a home remedy for healing wounds and minimizing inflammation. This spice is easily available, and you can benefit from its medicinal properties to maintain better oral health. To benefit from this remedy, you first have to heat ground fenugreek and water and then stir it before letting the mixture cool. After that, you can apply a tiny amount to the affected area with help of a cotton swab. This remedy has no side effects at all, and you can use it thrice a day without any hesitation.  

4. Clove essential oil

Whenever you talk about toothache, the first home remedy that pops into the mind is clove oil. It has been used for a long time for removing tooth pain. Even health experts believe that this tiny spice may have powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties good for oral health. It’s however important to dilute the oil before use to avoid any harm whatsoever to the affected area. The use is very simple where you can apply it to the troubled area using a cotton ball. Using a clove oil mouthwash can also help relieve the discomfort of tooth infection but yes, use only a few drops in water for the mouthwash.   

5. Oil pulling

Since ancient times, oil pulling has been used for treating oral or mouth problems. This home remedy is still popular across cultures for keeping the teeth and gums free from germs and bacteria. It’s considered an effective treatment for bad breath, bleeding gums and for inhibiting the growth of bacteria. Plus, oil pulling can also remove toxins from the oral cavity. The procedure is simple where you can use any oil (coconut, olive or sesame) in a small amount and then swish it around in the teeth for 10 to 15 minutes. After that, spit it out and clean the mouth. This remedy will help with various mouth ailments.

6. Garlic

Serious cases of tooth infection must indeed be treated at dentist middle village only, but you can try home remedies as well for removing some discomfort. You can use garlic and benefit from its therapeutic properties. It can help relieve pain and kill bacteria which can bring relief to tooth infection. The use is very simple where you can make a paste of garlic and then rub it on the infected area. There are no side effects of this method, so you can repeat the same multiple times for better results.

But yes, it’s recommended to consult the dentist when the infection persists even after trying one of these remedies. Professional help can always stop the problem from worsening or causing more damage in the long run.

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