Surprisingly Easy Ways to Get Health Benefits Using Medical Marijuana

What Are the Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana?

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No? Pushed it too much I guess. But we do have one string in common- medical marijuana. And I happen to be a big medical marijuana enthusiast. Well, now are we friends?

Medical marijuana and its legalization has been a major topic of discussion for some time now. The tides have definitely shifted towards acceptance. It is now legal in 33 states and more are in the pipeline. If you are living in San Francisco, the only thing you need to get legal cannabis is a medical marijuana recommendation in San Francisco.

Medical marijuana convinces you over other traditional medications because of the variety of strains you choose according to your needs and variety of ways you can consume it. Oh yes! It is surprising how many ways one can consume medical marijuana and take up its benefits.

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Here are some ways you can use medical marijuana to improve your health

Before we begin it is important that you possess a Medical Marijuana Card in San Francisco to be able to use medical marijuana for your treatment. Go get one if you don’t have it.

Shall we start?


I know. I know. Not that surprising enough. I just thought to start from the basics.

Smoking cannabis flower is one of the most traditional ways of consuming cannabis. Sometimes it is good to be an old soul and smoke your favorite strain from a pipe or a joint. When you think about medical marijuana, this is the first thing that pops into the mind. One thing is that it may not be the healthiest way but it is still better than many other traditional medications that cause side effects and are highly addictive.


Vaping is a new and healthier way of consuming cannabis. It has really picked up especially in the past couple of years. Rather than consuming cannabis through combustion, they use high levels of heat to vaporize the flower.

Okay, now so you are vaping and then you feel like stopping for a bit. But there is still some flower left in the vaporizer. Wasted? No! You can use the vaporized cannabis to bake eatables. This is not possible when smoking. In addition products like vape pens are easily available in the market.


Get some good strains and bake them into cookies or brownies. Don’t like them? There are a number of edible products in the market like candies you can easily get in the market. They are wonderful options for the people who want to get medical marijuana benefits in a discreet way.

All you need is a medical marijuana card in San Francisco to get legal medical marijuana for your treatment.



Oh yes! How to use? Spray it under your tongue and experience its effects. When you spray it in your mouth, the tissues inside absorb it and helps you treat your condition. It is a healthy way to avail the benefits of the herb. It has a mild taste and doesn’t affect your lungs as inhalation does.

If a child has to consume cannabis, then this is a preferred method. The only thing is this could be a little bit expensive.

Transdermal Patches:

So, are you not the one to smoke? Here comes a unique way of getting health benefits using medical marijuana. Apply it on the dry, hairless and clean skin surface and get the treatment of your condition with just this. It is especially preferred by the people who like mild dosages and who don’t like smoking. Being a healthy option, it also comes in different formulations.


Don’t want any psychoactive effects?

This comes with no high but carries various health benefits. Another surprising way to get health benefits using the herb. Products like medical cannabis lotions, ointments, and salves are a great way to treat conditions like sunburns, joint pain, swellings, arthritis, burns, eczema etc.

So, feel like trying any of these? This is one of the major reasons why people prefer medical marijuana over other medications. The number of options one gets is just……. Well, fill it up with a better word because I can’t think of any. Anyways, nice having you here. Hope you learned something new.

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