5-Minute Breathing and Workout May Benefit Heart And Brain Health

Heart And Brain Health

Joshua Whitaker was working as an expert on law assignment help for an academic website when he suffered a stroke at the age of 34. He knew that stress and sleepless nights at work would have its consequences.

Much like Joshua, not many can avoid this reality. Stress is an inevitable outcome of leading a life amidst the trappings of technology. According to an article published on Forbes, stress is responsible for sabotaging your immune system and shortening your life span.

In their attempt to evade such dire consequences, many people are seeking solace in Yoga and different forms of breathing exercises. And one such technique is the Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training (IMST). Recently, a research team from the University of Colorado Boulder has shed light on the technique through their research. Read through this post to know more about IMST.

What is Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training?

Inspiratory muscle training is identified as a course of therapy consisting of a series of breathing exercises that helps in strengthening the bodies’ respiratory muscles, making it easier for people with chronic conditions to breathe. “Inspiratory muscle training is generally prescribed to people who suffer from bronchitis, asthma or COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease),” states Miranda Hobbes, an expert on chemistry assignment help for Assignmenthelp.us

However, many people adopt IMST as part of their sports training as it strengthens the muscles involved in breathing. This requires the individual to go through a series of regulated breathing exercises. Studies have indicated that that regular practice of IMST can amp up a person’s endurance during cardiovascular exercises or sports activities like cycling and running.

When an individual is breathing normally, they tend to use between 10-15% of their total lung capacity. However, with the IMST method, an individual can typically improve his/her lung capacity.

Performing daily breathing exercises for at least six weeks can substantially reduce the amount of oxygen these breathing muscles require during exercise.

Insights into the research on the benefits of Inspiratory Muscle Training

Following a proper diet and regular exercise are definitely good for us. However, most people often lack the willpower to put in adequate effort. Researchers have come up with a way to reap some of the benefits of exercising without making things too rigorous. IMST provides the scope to ditch your regular work out and maintain your health through a simple breathing exercise.

Research and clinical trial of the 5-minute IMST method indicate that it can stabilise blood pressure, reduce heart attack risk, amplify cognitive ability, and enhance sports performance while eliminating the need to move. The preliminary outcomes of the trial were presented at the annual Experimental Biology Conference in Florida.

Outcome of the trial conducted by the researchers:

IMST is recognised as a form of strength training for the muscles that help you breathe.  The method involves inhaling through a resistive handheld device known as an inspiratory muscle trainer. This device was originally developed in the 1980s for those with acute respiratory conditions and to wean people off of ventilators.

The 6-week trial aimed to decipher the impact of IMST on obstructive sleep apnea recorded the participants performing 30 inhalations every day using the device. The training recorded that the systolic blood pressure of the participants reduced by 12 millimetres of mercury. The benefits seem to exceed those normally achieved with hypertension medication.

Fascinated by these results, the team then proceed to study the possible benefits of IMST on the cognitive, cardiovascular, and physical health of 50 middle-aged adults. The participants were divided into two groups. One group was given a device that provided no inhalation resistance and another group trained with the IMT device. Those who performed the IMST training were found to have improved considerably, and their blood pressure was significantly lower. Additionally, those in the IMST group performed better on cognitive testing and treadmill. While on the treadmill, they ran for longer and were successful in lowering their heart rate and rate of oxygen consumption.

The researchers recommend that IMST is something you can do quickly in your home or office, without having to change your clothes. And so far, it looks like it is extremely beneficial to lower blood pressure and possibly improve cognitive functions and physical performance. With only fewer than 10% of the participants dropping out and no known side effects of the method, the experiment so far has been positive.

The following are some additional benefits of IMST.

Eases pain: Practicing the IMST method regularly helps to oxygenate the blood, allowing your brain to release endorphins. Endorphins are brain chemicals which decrease the levels of pain in the body.

Detoxifies the body: IMST exercise allows the lymphatic system to function properly, which further quickens the flushing out of harmful toxins and waste from your immune system. This way, you can cleanse the body while assisting the organs in the detoxification process.

Lowers stress: IMST technique can be an efficient way to lower or control your stress level. It restricts the harmful effect of the stress hormone cortisol on your body, which further helps you to relax.

Reduces weight: Much like aerobic exercises, IMST method can help you lose a few pounds. This is because the IMST method improves blood circulation, and boosts metabolism and digestion that can fulfil your weight loss goals.


If you are intrigued and eager to ditch that inhaler for good and embrace this distinct breathing technique, you should consult with your doctor today. It is best to follow a professional’s advice before taking the plunge.

Author Bio: Eric Jonas is an Australia based writer who loves to create health awareness among his readers. He is also a fitness enthusiast. He has been an integral part of MyEssayhelp.co.uk as an expert on law dissertation writing.