5 Reasons You Should Work On Your Body Posture

Good and bad posture
Good Posture VS Bad Posture

If your loved one or a friend is saying that you should work on your posture, you shouldn’t underestimate the significance of their statement by limiting its meaning to enhancing your looks. Yes, it would be so unfair to restrict the benefits of good posture to good looks alone because the truth is it helps in improving the quality of your life by saving you from a wide range of physical and mental health problems.

People with good posture are not only more confident and live a healthy life, but they also have higher self-esteem when compared to those who sit and walk with a slouched body. So, if you are someone who often gets stressed out, feels depressed, and have low energy levels, perhaps you should pay attention to your posture. It could be because you spend hours sitting in a slouched position at your desk in the office or on your couch at home.

Poor posture can have a severe impact on your overall health, so you must work on it as soon as possible. Your failure to underestimate the consequences of poor posture can keep you from enjoying the activities that you love the most. Yes, if you don’t work on it right away, you might experience a variety of health issues in the future.

Here’s How To Improve Your Posture

See A Physical Therapist

Seeking physical therapy from a trusted clinic can help you get rid of poor posture and can improve your overall well-being. Your physical therapist will evaluate the way you sit, walk, and stand, and based on that they will design a personalized care plan for you to address your problem. They will incorporate quality exercises and physical therapy techniques in your care plan to improve your posture.

They will teach each move to you personally so that you do not make any mistake when you have to perform them at home – in their absence. What you need to remember is, having strong bones and muscles is not enough to live a healthy life, you should also pay attention to your posture.

According to BodyGears Physical Therapy, “You could have the healthiest core muscles in the world, but if you have bad posture, those muscles won’t even turn on.”

Exercise Regularly

Most people are aware of the fact that regular exercise is remarkably good for health but even after knowing that they hardly take any step to embrace a fitness routine. They do everything to learn more about how to stay fit such as read articles on fitness, watch exercise videos on YouTube and download fitness apps on their phone except starting a fitness regime.

So, if you surely want to get rid of poor posture, make sure that you introduce a fitness routine in your life. You can read health magazines, consult a fitness trainer, and watch videos to incorporate the right type of exercises in your fitness plan.

For correcting your posture, you should stick to exercises like the new crunch, single leg extension, back extension, forward fold, high plank, side plank, and glute squeezes.

Change Your Position Frequently

People who have to work on their computers throughout the day must change their sitting position frequently. So, if you are also one among them, start implementing this trick immediately. Also, you should change the way you sit, if you often maintain a slouched position. Yes, you should sit up straight to avoid putting stress on your spine.

So whether you are in the office or at home, make sure that you keep your back straight and your feet flat on the floor while sitting. While keeping your feet flat on the floor, you should bend your knee at a 90-degree angle.

Besides, you can also try yoga poses, and use the right sleeping techniques to improve your posture.

Now let’s take a look at why you should improve your posture.

To Prevent Musculoskeletal Pain

Poor posture leads to musculoskeletal conditions like back, neck, shoulder, hip, and knee pain apart from headaches. Therefore, taking painkillers won’t be helpful, if the primary source of your pain is poor posture. To get a permanent solution, you have to work on it because there is no other substitute for that.

Musculoskeletal problems keep you from enjoying a normal life, so you shouldn’t think twice when it comes to seeking physical therapy or performing exercises to correct your posture.

To Avoid Breathing Problems

If you are someone who is confronting breathing problems for quite some time now, then you must pay attention to your posture because it could be due to that. Poor posture kind of blocks your chest cavity and makes it difficult for oxygen to enter your body.

So, you must work toward correcting your posture to allow oxygen to enter your body. It will make you feel a lot more energetic.

To Improve Your Confidence

Good posture can enhance your appearance like anything, so it’s better that you stop slouching while sitting in a chair, giving presentations, and watching your favorite TV show. And when you start getting compliments for the way you look, it ultimately enhances your confidence.

To Reduce Stress

There is little doubt that poor posture makes one feel stressed out, depressed, and unhappy; therefore, you should try to correct it. The worst problem that most people face while dealing with this problem is that they find their posture normal all the time. Yes, they think that slouching is fine. Since people can’t experience its consequences immediately, they fail to believe that it’s creating a problem for them.

However, the intelligence says that you don’t have enough time to make all the mistakes in the world to learn from them; therefore, to live a healthy and peaceful life, you should try to learn from others’ mistakes. In short, if you are not dealing with stress at the moment but you know the fact that poor posture can lead to it, you should start working on correcting yours, from today itself.

To Prevent Falls

Falls are pretty common among people with poor posture, and its primary reason is, it affects their balance. Although it’s true that they are more prevalent among seniors; however, that doesn’t mean children and adults are immune to them.

Therefore, if you want to avoid falls, and prevent injuries and illnesses, apart from increasing your confidence, start working towards maintaining the right sitting, standing, walking, and sleeping positions.